Soft-Launch Update!

In an effort to be transparent with our users, we wanted to update the NFL Clash Community on the expansion of our soft launch. Currently we are live on iOS and Android in the following regions: Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, and the UK. Our current live build is 0.8.6. This weekend, we will be releasing NFL Clash to a small group of Android users in the US. This is a very limited release so we can gather feedback on gameplay and find any technical issues ahead of our worldwide launch. We … Read More

NFL Clash Interview with Tom Shoenhair

VP of Product at Nifty Games, Tom Shoenhair, talked to Pocket Gamer about building of NFL Clash, upcoming Nifty Games projects, and one of his most memorable 49er fan moments.

0.8.6 Release Notes

Get ready for some football! Here are the latest updates and bug fixes to NFL Clash: Updates Matchmaking: Updated matchmaking so you are more likely to play against an opponent at a similar skill level! Art: Various UI updates throughout the app, including the Home Screen, Card Info and Upgrade, and opening Chests Events: Rewards when you complete an Event tier will now be added to your account at the end of the match. Currently, you have to go back out of the Events tab and back into the Events … Read More

Upcoming Events! 9/8-9/14

Welcome to the first event breakdown post for NFL Clash! The goal of these posts will be to help you, all the players, understand the upcoming events in-game, plus any extra new features, Cards, updates, and any other changes.  For this one, we have events for the next couple of weeks. Check them out below!  All events start and end at 3pm Pacific Time.  Opening Day Energy (9/8-9/10) Running from 9/8 to the NFL 2020 Season Opening Day 9/10, this event gives you extra (155%) Energy during your Matches. As … Read More

0.8 Release Notes

Get ready for some football!  Check out the latest updates and new features in NFL Clash!  Training Camp:  Learn more about NFL Clash gameplay by visiting Training Camp! Tap the Menu button on the top right side of the Home screen to access this new feature.  Gameplay:  Updated on-field displays to let you know when dropping a Card on the field will change the type of play. For example, you will now be told when dropping a RB on the back field will change the play to a Run.  Special … Read More

Nifty Games Opens Chicago Studio

Veteran Mobile Sports Game Development Team to create new Head-to-Head Licensed Sports Games;David Michicich named New Studio General ManagerSan Francisco, CA – July 14th, 2020, – Nifty Games Inc., a mobile developer and publisher focused on quick-session, head-to-head, licensed sports games announced the formation of Nifty Games Chicago, a new development studio in Chicago, Illinois. The new studio marks Nifty Games’ first internal development studio and will be led by David Michicich, a 25-year games industry veteran. The creation of Nifty Games Chicago studio follows Nifty Games recent announcements that … Read More

Nifty Games Raises $12M Series A

San Francisco – April 15, 2020 – Nifty Games Inc., a developer and publisher focused on quick-session, head-to-head sports games for mobile devices, has secured more than $12 million in Series A financing, with $15 million raised to date. The company has also announced NFL Clash, a mobile-first football game that will launch later this year, revealing the company’s licenses with the National Football League (NFL) and National Football League Players Association (NFLPA).

NFL General Manager Joins Nifty Games

San Francisco, CA – April 2nd, 2020, – Nifty Games Inc. a developer and publisher focused on quick-session, head-to-head sports games for mobile announced today the appointment of industry veteran William Schmitt, who will be joining as General Manager effective immediately for a yet to be announced officially licensed sports product. This news follows Nifty’s recent announcement that it has teamed up with the National Basketball Association (NBA), National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), and THINK450 to bring authentic NBA basketball games to mobile devices. Well-known and highly respected, Mr. Schmitt … Read More interview with Pete and Jon

Chief Product Office Pete Wanat and CEO Jon Middleton sat down with to give some more insight into how we are approaching the sports genre, and working closely with the NBA and NBPA to deliver a new experience in free-to-play mobile gaming.