Becoming a Basketball Legend

Our friends at Apple had a nice writeup on the guys! Check it out today it’s pretty fun stuff

Nifty Games Launches NBA Clash!

Lafayette, CA | November 10, 2022 02:36 PM Eastern Standard Time Nifty Games™ announced today the launch of NBA® Clash™ on iOS™ and Android™ platforms with NBA® stars Jaylen Brown and Jamal Murray featured as highlight athletes. Brown and Murray, alongside the full roster of NBA® players bring a new level of intensity to mobile with exclusive special abilities that pack a big punch! Licensed by the NBA® and NBPA, NBA® Clash™ is an action-packed mobile game that’s a must-play for armchair power forwards, casual hoops fans and sports fanatics … Read More

NBA Clash Selected By!

Nifty Games is pleased to announce that NBA Clash has been selected as a top 30 game in soft launch! “NBA Clash is a 3v3 basketball game where you assemble a team of the sports’ current superstars and climb through the ranks. Each player will boast a special ability that could prove crucial to winning each match. Off the court, you can collect new players and upgrade your existing roster. Publisher: Nifty Games Platform: Android/iOS Countries (as of 9/30/22): UK, France, Italy, Indonesia, Philippines, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia” For … Read More

Join Our Reddit & Discord!

Come hang out with us on Reddit & Discord! Chat with other NFL Clash players and learn more about the game. Plus, we have channels on our Discord server that are specific to fantasy and NFL gameplay talk so you can chat with other football fans. Join our Reddit here! Join our Discord here!  

New User Guide to NFL Clash!

If you are new to NFL Clash, or just want a refresh on features in the game, keep reading below! Improving Your Deck: New Cards, Card Upgrades, Max Level, and More Your Deck is the heart of NFL Clash. A strong deck is as important as strategic play when it comes to winning games. So how do you improve your Deck? One way is by collecting new Cards. New Cards will become available as you progress to higher level Stadiums. These Cards may have abilities that suit your play-style better … Read More

0.19 Defensive Update

In our 0.18 app release, we updated the Defensive Plays to be Normal, Prevent, and Blitz. With 0.19, we’ve added visual effects on the field for you to see how the Defensive players you drop on the field will react when placed within different Defensive grid zones. Defense Play Calls There are three basic types of Defensive play calls: Normal A standard and balanced defense focusing on player’s core position and type behaviors.  Normal works well in most situations but can be vulnerable to an aggressive offense Deep Pass or … Read More

0.19 Release Notes

Get ready for some football!   Check out the latest updates and additions to NFL Clash!  Updates:  Cards:  Added a new Card! Check out Rare Deep Threat WR Corey Davis, now in-game!  Added backend support for releasing new Cards. Make sure you have notifications turned on to find out when new Cards are released!  Gameplay:  Updated on-field visual effects for Defensive plays  General:  Added more camera zooms and pans to focus in on the action in matches!  Added a progress bar to the Home Screen that shows your progress towards the … Read More

Nifty Games Closes $38M Funding Round

San Francisco – August 31, 2021 – Nifty Games Inc. publisher and developer of NFL Clash and NBA Clash has raised $38M in New Capital to Redefine Mobile Sports Games. The developer and publisher focused on quick-session, head-to-head sports games for mobile, has raised $26M in a Series B round of equity funding led by Vulcan Capital. In addition, the company has secured $12M in connected debt financing.

0.17 Release Notes

Get ready for some football!  Check out the latest updates and additions to NFL Clash!  Updates: Cards:  New Stadium unlock order for many Cards in-game so that a Card that was previously unlocked at Stadium 2 may now unlock in a different Stadium. Any Cards you have previously acquired will still be in your Collection. Adjusted the amount of Trophies needed to reach higher-ranked Stadiums Updating 3 Cards to stay up-to-date with the NFL player roster:  Drew Brees (QB Pocket Passer) will be switched out for Justin Herbert (QB Pocket … Read More