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Soft-Launch Update!

In an effort to be transparent with our users, we wanted to update the NFL Clash Community on the expansion of our soft launch.

Currently we are live on iOS and Android in the following regions: Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, and the UK.

Our current live build is 0.8.6. This weekend, we will be releasing NFL Clash to a small group of Android users in the US. This is a very limited release so we can gather feedback on gameplay and find any technical issues ahead of our worldwide launch.

We are planning to release 0.8.8 next, which will be a general bug fix update and polishing up the tutorial.

While 0.8.8 is live, we will be working on building the next set of features for 0.9, including Divisions and Challenges. With 0.9, we will open up NFL Clash to users in Canada, on both iOS and Android.

We are targeting to have app version 1.0 be our worldwide release. By this stage, we would have updated Leagues, created an Inbox for you to receive rewards and important messages, and bug fixes. As with any mobile game, NFL Clash will not be completely free of bugs or tuning needs and there will always be an issue to fix or stats to revisit. However, we hope that 1.0 will be ready for all users to play, including our patiently waiting US NFL fans.

Since mobile development is ever changing, some of the above information may shift. We will do our best to keep you updated on any change in plans.

Thank you for following us while we work through soft launch and get ready to go live everywhere!

Update: Early access on Android is now closed for 0.8.6. We are going to opening it up again with 0.8.8, which should be ready to release soon.