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0.8.6 Release Notes

Get ready for some football! Here are the latest updates and bug fixes to NFL Clash:



  • Updated matchmaking so you are more likely to play against an opponent at a similar skill level!


  • Various UI updates throughout the app, including the Home Screen, Card Info and Upgrade, and opening Chests


  • Rewards when you complete an Event tier will now be added to your account at the end of the match. Currently, you have to go back out of the Events tab and back into the Events tab to collect.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue with Defense Cards showing up in your Deck even though you are on Offense


  • Fixed an issue with quick purchasing of Cards in the Daily Deal not registering when you have reached the purchase limit


  • Various fixes to help with load times
  • Various updates and fixes to the first time player tutorial
  • Android Only: Fixed an issue with the device back button becoming unresponsive after launching the game
  • Fixed an issue in Replays that made jersey colors appear incorrect when players were dropped on the field
  • Fixed an issue where the Touchdown banner would sometimes be visible after a Field Goal or Safety score

Known Issues


  • Unlocked and opened Silver and Gold Chests will sometimes still take up an open slot in your Chests queue
  • Tapping “Start Unlock” may not start the unlock timer. Force quit and restart the game to fix this issue.
  • Leaving the app when a Chest is ready to unlock, then returning to the app, will cause the unlocked Chest’s time to increase and locked Chests to not be visible. Restarting the app will fix this issue.


  • Visual Only: Occasionally, when completing an Event, you may visually receive the incorrect amount of rewards when opening the Event Chests. This is a visual bug only, as you do receive the correct rewards in your profile.


  • iOS Only: Force quitting the game during a match, then restarting the game, will not drop you back into the match you left. To avoid this issue, please do not force quit out of the game during a match.
  • Emotes may still appear even if you have muted their use during a Match


  • Various small issues may be experienced as we continue to work on this feature


  • After upgrading a Card and receiving XP, the XP counter will not update to the correct XP number. Restarting the game will show you the correct XP.
  • Logging in with Google may sometimes cause the app to restart
  • Changing your username to a 3 character name will not allow you to save the new username. Create a username with more than 3 characters.
  • When attempting to change your username, the old username may be incorrectly labeled as the new username, and vice versa.
  • Very rarely, your account may get stuck on the final down of a match. If this occurs, please contact [email protected].
  • Visual Only: Stadium 2 Cards may appear locked even if you have the required 300 Trophies to unlock. This is a visual bug only; you will still be able to collect Stadium 2 Cards.
  • Various display issues