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New User Guide to NFL Clash!

If you are new to NFL Clash, or just want a refresh on features in the game, keep reading below!

Improving Your Deck: New Cards, Card Upgrades, Max Level, and More

Your Deck is the heart of NFL Clash. A strong deck is as important as strategic play when it comes to winning games. So how do you improve your Deck?

One way is by collecting new Cards. New Cards will become available as you progress to higher level Stadiums. These Cards may have abilities that suit your play-style better and allow for new synergies with Cards already in your Deck.

It’s also crucial to upgrade your Cards. Upgrading a Card improves its stats. If the average level of your Cards is lower than your opponent’s, you will have to be extremely strategic to win the match. Also, Epic Cards receive upgrades to their Special Abilities at levels 11 and 13.

At level 13, your Players will reach maximum power.

Auto Versus Manual Passing

There are two passing styles in NFL Clash: Auto and Manual. This can be swapped at any time by tapping the Auto/Manual slider in the upper left corner of the deck tray during a match. When Auto Passing is selected, you can still designate a Passing target by tapping on them on the field before the QB automatically selects a target. Auto Passing lets you focus on play calling and placement. When Manual Passing is selected, the QB will not throw the ball unless you select a receiver by tapping them. You can tap a player before the snap or during a play to select a target. This gives you more control over your offense, but make sure your target is open for a higher chance to complete the pass.

NFL Clash Playbook

There are several types of plays in NFL Clash: 3 Offensive, 3 Defensive, Special Teams, and Card-unique Plays.

The three Offensive Plays are Pass, Run, and Deep Pass. On Pass Plays, receivers run short and mid-length routes, while RBs block for the QB. The QB will look to Pass. On a Run play, the QB will hand off to a RB as soon as the snap happens. You can designate a specific hand off target by tapping them before the snap. On a Deep Pass, RBs block while receivers run long routes.

The three Defensive Plays are Normal, Prevent, and Blitz. On Normal, Cards will follow the actions designated by their archetype and placement on the field. You can read about this behavior in the details of a specific Card in your Deck screen. Normal works well in most situations but can be vulnerable to an aggressive offense Deep Pass or Short Run and Pass gains. In Prevent, players on the field will drop back from the line. Players will shadow their offense targets and create zones deep downfield to stop long passes. This might give up a Run or short Pass, but protects the mid and deep field. Lastly, in Blitz, players on the field step up to the line and play ultra-aggressively, going for a Sack at all costs. This can seriously disrupt Passing plays, but if the QB can get the ball off quickly enough, it will be difficult for the defense to get back for a stop.

On Special Team Plays, you may be able to return a Kickoff, or just start at the 25 yard line with a Touchback. Returning a Kickoff can result in huge return yards and even Touchdowns, but you risk getting tackled as far back as your own 1 yard line.

Counterplay in NFL Clash

Learning and counteracting your opponent’s strategy is just as important as having a good strategy of your own– in any sport, and in NFL Clash. There are ways to respond to every move your opponent makes.

One form of counterplay is choosing the best Play to call. If you see the Defense step up to the line for a Blitz, you may not have the time you need to wait for a Deep Pass on Offense. On Defense, if you can see a Running Back waiting in position near the Quarterback while your chosen Cards step back into Prevent, you should know you’re about to give up some ground while your Cards wait for the Offense to come to them. It’s up to you to learn the patterns of different Plays, so that you can coach your team to the win!

You can also counter Card Archetypes. A Run Stopper DL is, naturally, a good opponent for a Running Back, especially a Power Runner. And a Man-to-Man CornerBack will stick with a Deep Threat Wide Receiver all the way down the field, making it hard for the WR to shake their defender no matter how far they run. Sometimes you must place Cards first to carry out your plan for the play, but if you wait and react to your opponent’s decisions you may be able to create archetype matchups that favor your team. For example, if your opponent puts out several CBs, it may be a great time for a Power Runner RB, as the Defensive line will be weaker.


Check out all live and upcoming events in the Events tab at the bottom of the Home Screen. Events refresh regularly, so make sure you check back regularly.

Divisions, Achievements, Daily Challenges

There’s lots of ways to win rewards in NFL Clash. Divisions, Achievements, and Daily Challenges are three of them.

Divisions are a competition between you and a randomly selected group of other players from your same Division tier. Until the division ends, compete against each other to see who can win the most Trophies. Your Division rank is tallied only by the trophies you win during that week– you will not drop positions for losing games or trophies. At the end of the Division, the top 10 players will win prizes and be promoted to a harder Division, where they will face stronger competition for better rewards. The bottom 15 players will be demoted, and drop down to an easier Division. Everyone else will stay in the same Division, and be given another week to try and move up or down in the Division tiers. You can view your Divisions progress in the Events Menu.

Separately, there are Achievements. These are long-term challenges that are based on your progress in every game of NFL Clash you ever play. They may be things like scoring 1,000 Touchdowns in your whole career, or rushing 100 yards. You will win rewards every time you complete one. To check your progress on them, click on the profile bar in the Game Menu, and select the Achievements tab.

Lastly, there are Daily Challenges. These are found in the Events Menu. Every day, there will be a new set of challenges for you to complete. There are rewards for completing each one, as well as a bigger reward for finishing all of the challenges for the day.


A NFL Clash League is a group of players who can work together for fame and fortune! Prestigious leagues may have difficult requirements in order to gain membership, such as having a certain number of trophies. League members have a private chat with one another to discuss strategy. Anyone can start or join a League after profile level 4.