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0.17 Release Notes

Get ready for some football! 

Check out the latest updates and additions to NFL Clash! 



  • New Stadium unlock order for many Cards in-game so that a Card that was previously unlocked at Stadium 2 may now unlock in a different Stadium. Any Cards you have previously acquired will still be in your Collection.
  • Adjusted the amount of Trophies needed to reach higher-ranked Stadiums
  • Updating 3 Cards to stay up-to-date with the NFL player roster: 
    • Drew Brees (QB Pocket Passer) will be switched out for Justin Herbert (QB Pocket Passer)
    • Deshaun Watson (QB Escape Artist) will be switched out for Cam Newton (QB Escape Artist)
    • Julian Edelman (WR Possession) will be switched out for Justin Jefferson (WR Possession)


  • Added 3 new Abilities to Epic Cards Saquon Barkley, Davante Adams, & Richard Sherman


  • After a loss, a post game recap will give you tips on how to win your next Match
  • Updates to Play Recaps 
  • After touchdowns and sacks, the game will zoom-in to show an up-close view of the action

Bug Fixes: 


  • Fixed an issue that shows an incorrect placement message when a player was Demoted in their Division 


  • Fixed an issue with the QB sometimes handing off the ball to a RB on Pass plays instead of throwing the ball to a WR 
  • Fixed an issue with the incorrect number of Coins being shown in the Chest opening display when buying a Starter Pack
  • Fixed an issue when tapping too quickly through a Card purchase made with Coins did not purchase the Card

Known Issues: 


  • When comparing Cards, Cards in your Collection may appear as uncollected. Restart the app to fix this issue. 


  • The play clock is not visible during Field Goal, Punt, or Kickoff
  • Loading issues with the Community Hub
  • Rare Cards (Odell Beckham Jr, Cam Newton, and Benardrick McKinney) will have an Abilities stamina visual when placed on the field 
  • When receiving a Punt, you may not be able to drop Cards 
  • During Reply of matches, the Play Recap pop up will momentarily block the reply buttons
  • Bringing up your device’s control panel while in searching for a match will cause an “Opponent Disconnected” pop up. To avoid this, do not bring up your device’s control panel when searching for a match. 
  • Content in the Shop may take a few seconds to fully display 
  • Various display issues