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0.19 Defensive Update

In our 0.18 app release, we updated the Defensive Plays to be Normal, Prevent, and Blitz. With 0.19, we’ve added visual effects on the field for you to see how the Defensive players you drop on the field will react when placed within different Defensive grid zones.

Defense Play Calls

There are three basic types of Defensive play calls:


A standard and balanced defense focusing on player’s core position and type behaviors. 

Normal works well in most situations but can be vulnerable to an aggressive offense Deep Pass or Short Run and Pass gains. 


A conservative defense that bets on the Offense going for a deep pass play. Players will shadow their offense targets and create zones deep downfield to stop long passes. 

Prevent works well to stop big gains but is vulnerable to runs or short passes. 


An aggressive Defense to disrupt passing plays. DL and LB positions will all rush the QB and attempt to sack. 

A Blitz Defense is vulnerable to pass and deep pass plays if the QB can get the ball off in time. 

Defense Grid

The defensive grid will appear when you begin to drag a card from your deck to the field. Depending on the play call and Player type a Defense Behavior will be displayed based on where in the grid you drop him. 

For example, on a Normal Play, a Strong Safety will play Zone in Defense Grid 3, Shadow a WR from Defense Grid 2, and Rush the QB From Defense Grid 1.

You will see these behaviors change on the field as you drag your player over each of the Defensive Grid Zones.

Play Call: Normal

Player: Strong Safety

Defense Grid Zone 3 Behavior: Zone Coverage Defense Grid Zone 2 Behavior: Shadow WR Defense Grid Zone 1 Behavior: Rush QB

Defense Player Behaviors

Defense Behaviors change based on the Play Call, Player Position, Player Type, and where you drop them in the grid.  

There are four basic Defensive behavior types:

Lock On, Shadow, Rush, and Zone

An aggressive Man-To-Man coverage. Players will move toward their lock on target and cover them closely.
A more passive Man-To-Man coverage type. Players will maintain their distance from the runner and follow their shadow target laterally.
An aggressive defensive Rush toward the QB. Players will run toward the QB and attempt to Sack. 
A designated Pass Coverage Zone players will maintain. Depending on their position and play call, players in Zone Coverage can hold their zone or follow Offensive targets out of their zone. 
When players are placed in grids 1,2, or 3, a player may move to a different grid location based on their position, type, and play call.

The movement arrows will display the color of the associated behavior and where they will move to after the snap.   

We hope this helps with your Defensive strategy!