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Everything New Coming to NFL Clash!


A couple of weeks ago we posted about the changes coming to NFL Clash. Now, we are ready to share the full details with you ahead of the next release!

The overarching theme that you’ll notice is that the gameplay changes in this update give you much more control over the action in the game, while still maintaining the current strategy and depth so many players enjoy.

You will now be able to choose plays, pass the ball to a chosen receiver, learn to time your passes for a successful catch, and put on-field players in motion before the snap. These changes, on top of other tweaks we have made, will make play set up and player placement key factors in directing the action post snap. We believe this will feel more intuitive and authentic to the football-playing experience.

We can’t wait for you to experience this more football authentic NFL Clash!

On Offense, Defense, and Special Teams, you can choose what play to execute.

For Offense, choose between Run, Pass, or Deep Pass. Punt will show up on 4th Down if you are not within Field Goal range. Kick will show up when you are in Field Goal range.

For Defense, choose Man-to-Man, Zone, or Blitz.

For Special Teams, on the return you can choose Touchback or Return. A Touchback downs the ball in the endzone and starts your 1st Down at the 25 yard line.

On Offense, you will need to choose a Play before the play clock runs out. If you are ready to run your Play before the play clock runs out, you can tap the Hurry button and snap the ball early. This also helps to keep your opponent off their game by being unable to react to your quick playcalling. During the Ready, Set, Hut phase of the game, you will not be able to drop Cards or motion players, but you can change the Play.

On Defense, you can drop cards, motion players, and change the Play during the Ready, Set, Hut phase and up until the snap.

With playcalling, we also added a play clock. Make sure you are aware of how much time you have to choose a play.

Player Motion
Players you drop on the field can now be set in motion to move to different parts of the field and cover different opponents. Tap on the player you want to move, then drag them to the new position. If they are a Defender, they will lock onto an opposing player they can defend against.

When on Offense, you can now tap on a Receiver to have your QB pass the ball. You can tap a Receiver before or after the snap. Tapping on the QB will show you either Auto or Manual, meaning the QB will either automatically throw to the best receiver or you will need to manually tap the receiver you want the QB to pass to. If you choose Auto, you can still override the QB pass by tapping on a Receiver.

Catches and Pass Coverage
With Tap-to-Pass, we’ve improved catching calculations to better take into account player locations on the field relative to the Pass thrown. If you are manually choosing to Pass the ball, you should look for holes in the defense or clear pass lanes to make a complete Pass. Also, try not to throw the ball too early to a Receiver!

Tackling has been improved with player attributes like Strength and Agility being taken more into account. Group tackling, which means more than 1 player attempting a tackle, also has a higher success rate of stopping the ball carrier. Make sure to use blockers on Offense to increase your yards and avoid the improved tackling.

Visually, you will notice that tackling animations have also been updated to give you a more authentic NFL experience.

We have improved how players run their Routes on the field, with the on-field display better matching player routes. For RBs, this means they will follow their blockers so they look for opportunities to increase yard gains. Blockers will take better angles on block targets and look to create holes downfield for the Ball Carrier. Player position will be more realistic and avoid clumping of players on the field.

Stamina is now tied to downs played and players will no longer become exhausted in the middle of a play. Cards will stay on the field for 1, 2, or 3 Plays, depending on Card Rarity.

Defensive Player Improvements
Safety and Cornerback players have had their behaviors adjusted to change depending on the play called and their placement on the field. For example, a Strong Safety will blitz if placed close to the Line of Scrimmage on a Blitz play call, but will cover a Receiver man-to-man if placed far in the backfield. Man-to-Man CBs will jam and slow down coverage targets if placed closely across from their targets on the Line of Scrimmage.

Play Recaps
We’ve added a recap to the end of key plays that will highlight star players, player vs player match ups, and top factors that contributed to the play outcome. Keep an eye on who is making big plays on both sides of the field and adjust your strategy!

Card Levels
We’ve made Card Level more important when going head-to-head against different leveled Cards. Higher level cards will have a more noticeable difference matched up against a lower level card. Make sure you upgrade your players to keep a level advantage.

New Special Abilities
Steam Roller: Derrick Henry is guaranteed to break his first tackle the first time he runs the ball. You can counter this with a Brick Wall defensive player ability.

Brick Wall: Erick Kendrick guaranteed to make his first tackle attempt. You can counter this with a Steam Roller offensive player ability.

Quick Cover: Minkah Fitzpatrick will dash to a covered receiver on his first Zone Play.

Sure Hands: DeAndre Hopkins has a guaranteed catch on his first Pass Play.


  • Don’t forget, you can tap on a Receiver before the snap to ensure the QB will pass them the ball.
  • If you choose to Return the ball, make sure to drop blockers to give you a better chance of getting more yards.
  • Blitzing the QB can be a high risk, high reward play! You’ll be leaving the field open for passes, but if you can get a Sack, you’ll make your opponent lose yards.
  • There are many different combinations of play call and placement for Defense. Experiment to create your perfect defensive strategy!