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0.14 Update!

Get ready for some football! 

Check out the latest updates and additions to NFL Clash! 



  • You can now have your QB throw the ball by tapping on a Receiver
  • You can now choose your Play on Offense (Run, Pass, Deep Pass), Defense (Man-to-Man, Zone, Blitz), and Special Teams (Touchback, Return, Kick, Punt) 
  • Set your players in motion by tap on the Player on the field then swiping to move to a different location 


  • During games you will now see at the bottom of your screen a Card vs. Card or Card abilities breakdown to better explain the outcome of the Play 
  • Players on the field have improved their route runs
  • Improved advantages for Card Levels so that higher level Cards now have a greater advantage over lower level Cards 
  • Improved pathfinding so players will now follow their blockers and look for opportunities to gain more yardage when running the ball
  • Improved Epic Special Abilities  
  • Updated design for various in-game menus 

Bug Fixes: 


  • Fixed an issue with Cards not in your Collection not displaying their Level. Cards that start at a high level when collected will now show their starting Level. 


  • Fixed an issue with the game becoming stuck at 98% when loading into a Match
  • Fixed an issue with Low on Gems message not appearing when attempting to buy a Chests, Cards or Upgrade a Card with an insufficient amount of currency 
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to purchase multiples of a Card from the Shop with a one button tap
  • Android Devices with Notches Only: Fixed an issue with the top of the game getting cut off by the device’s notch

Known Issues: 


  • “Pass Yards” Achievement will have the Collect Reward highlighted even though the Achievement is not complete 


  • When comparing Cards, Cards in your Collection may appear as uncollected. Restart the app to fix this issue. 


  • Division messages will not trigger for players who are in the Beginner and Rookie I Divisions and have not been demoted 


  • If you have already completed the tutorial, you may still see a task to Open a Training Chest in your Challenges
  • Content in the Shop may take a few seconds to fully display 
  • During Reply of matches, the Play Recap pop up will momentarily block the reply buttons
  • Various display issues