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Daily Challenges Guide & FAQs

Daily Challenges are daily tasks you can complete for rewards. 

Each day of the week, you will have a different set of 5 Daily Challenges to complete. Make sure to always complete all of your Daily Challenges and get your rewards! 

Daily Challenges FAQ

How many Daily Challenges are there?

Each day you get 5 Daily Challenges. 

How often do Daily Challenges change? 

Everyday, there are 5 new Daily Challenges to complete. 

Do Event games count toward completing Daily Challenges? 

Yes, Event games will count towards completing your Daily Challenges. 

What happens if I don’t finish a Daily Challenge before the day ends? 

If you do not finish a Daily Challenge before the end of day, the challenges will reset. You will have to complete 5 new Daily Challenges for the new day. 

I have a suggestion for a new Daily Challenge. Where can I post it? 

Head over to our Reddit to post your new Daily Challenge suggestions!