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0.9 Release Notes


We’ve updated NFL Clash with some awesome new features and bug fixes!



  • Divisions are a weekly leaderboard competition where you can earn rewards from winning games. Tap on the Leaderboard button to have a look!

Daily Challenges:

  • Challenges are daily tasks you can complete for rewards! You can access Challenges from the Home Screen.

Special Abilities

  • Improved Player Special Abilities to make them more impactful during gameplay


  • Improved load times

  • New accounts will have 2 open Deck slots. To unlock additional Deck slots, make sure to level up your player profile!

  • Updated Chest art for Silver, Gold, and Platinum Chests

  • Updated animations for blocking, evading and tackling

  • Updated animations for various moments in-game such as opening Chests, Leveling Up, and more!

Bug Fixes:


  • Fixed an issue with unlocked and opened Silver and Gold Chests sometimes taking up an open slot in your Chests queue


  • Fixed an issue with not being able to save a new username that is 3 characters

  • Fixed an issue when attempting to change your username, the old username would be incorrectly labeled as the new username, and vice versa

  • Fixed a very rare issue with accounts may getting stuck on the final down of a match

Known Issues:


  • This feature is still under development. If there are issues with collecting rewards, Trophies being counted, or pop up messaging around Divisions, force quit and relaunch the game.

Daily Challenges:

  • “Card Collector” Daily Challenge is counting progress towards task completion


  • When viewing another player’s profile, their League name is not visible


  • Emotes may still appear even if you have muted their use during a Match


  • During the tutorial, you may be able to drop multiple Cards on the field

  • Incorrect number of Trophies may be displayed on Stadium progression

  • Various display issues

  • Android only: Push notifications message may not be cleared from the Android notification center.