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Divisions Guide & FAQ

Introducing Divisions, a new feature in NFL Clash! Divisions are a weekly leaderboard competition where you can earn rewards from winning games. 

There are 100 players in each Division. The Division you are placed in depends on trophy count. As you win matches and gain trophies you will move up in your Division. 

Division competition runs for a week. At the end of the week, if you place 4th-10th in your Division, you will win a Chest. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place earn you a higher quality Chest. 

If at the end of the week you are in the top 15 of the Division, you will be promoted to the next-level Division. If you rank from 86th to 100th in the Division, you will be demoted down a Division. Those in the middle will stay in the same Division. 

Divisions FAQ

How many players are there in a Division?

There are 100 players in each Division.

How long does a Division last? 

A Division lasts a full week, 7 days. NFL Clash may occasionally change the length of Division, so make sure you check the in-game timer to know when the Division will reset.  

How do I know what Division I am in for the week? 

When in NFL Clash, head over to the Leaderboards, which can be found on the top right of the Home Screen. Tap the 213 button to enter the Leaderboards, then tap My Division. You will then see the Division you are in at the top of the My Division screen. 

How do I move up in Divisions? 

To move up in Divisions, you must get in the top 15 of the Division, which is from 1st-15th place. 

How do I move down in Divisions?

You will move down in a Division if you place in the bottom 15 of the Division, which is from 86th to 100th place.

How do I stay in the same Division? 

You will stay in the same Division if you are in 16th to 85th place when the Division ends.