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0.8.8 Release Notes


We have a new release for NFL Clash! Check out the latest in 0.8.8! 


  • Added variety to WR routes and updated how WR run routes. WR should now be able to avoid other receivers on the field during plays.
  • Updated Power Runner RBs to be able to run through tackle attempts by the Defense 
  • Increased the size of the RB handoff zone near the QB. This should make it easier to create a running play when dropping a RB near your QB. 
  • QB accuracy has been updated to better reflect player ability 
  • Improved tackling 
  • Updated animation for when Run Blocker OL knock over Defensive players 
  • Pocket Passer QBs will now not throw the ball away when they cannot find a receiver. This means on Defense, you will be more likely to get a Sack, while on Offense, you will need to have a receiver to get a Pass and Offensive Linemen to protect your Pocket Passer QB. 


  • General bug fixes

In addition, we have revamped the starter Cards for new users based on feedback we received. This gives new users more recognizable NFL stars, such as Drew Brees and Odell Beckham Jr, early on in their playing experience and opens up easier Card combinations for users to try. Current users will have an easier time getting these new starter Cards in the game as well.    

Also, we will be opening up the Android early access program again for a limited number of US users in the next few days. Keep an eye out here to know when the program is open again! 

Have fun!