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0.15 Update!

Get ready for some football! 

Check out the latest updates and additions to NFL Clash! 



  • Improved the visualization of the Passing game. Now when your QB throws a Perfect, Normal, or Off Target Pass you’ll see a visual effect to let you know the Pass quality. 
  • Updated QB roles to affect the Passing game. For instance, a Pocket Passer QB is more likely to throw a Perfect Pass while an Escape Artist QB is less likely to throw an Off Target Pass.
  • Instead of tapping the QB for Auto or Manual Passing, you can now toggle between the 2 modes from the Card tray. 


  • Play clock will continue to run between Plays but will stop for the last 10 seconds of the half to improve match length 

Bug Fixes: 


  • Fixed an issue with finding matches taking longer than expected 



  • Fixed an issue with Division messages not triggering for players who were in the Beginner and Rookie I Divisions and had not been demoted 

Known Issues: 


  • “Pass Yards” Achievement will have the Collect Reward highlighted even though the Achievement is not complete 


  • When comparing Cards, Cards in your Collection may appear as uncollected. Restart the app to fix this issue. 


  • Number on badge for completed Challenges can sometimes be incorrect


  • Incorrect placement message is displayed when a player is Demoted in their Division 


  • During Reply of matches, the Play Recap pop up will momentarily block the reply buttons
  • Content in the Shop may take a few seconds to fully display 
  • Tapping too quickly through a Card purchase made with Coins will not purchase the Card. When purchasing a Card with Coins, do not tap through the Purchased message. 
  • When receiving a Punt, you may not be able to drop Cards 
  • A Card may be missing from your Card tray if you are on Offense in the final 20 seconds of a match 
  • Android Only: Push notifications may not appear on your device