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0.13 App Update


We’ve update NFL Clash to app version 0.13! This should be rolling out to all users now so make sure you update to have all the newest features and latest bug fixes.



  • We updated the Card Info screen to use tabs for easier navigation
  • We’ve also added a new feature that makes it possible for you to compare Cards! Tap on the Compare button when selecting a player from the Deck screen or tap on the Compare tab within Card Info view.


  • Tap on the banner above the Stadium on the Game tab to watch a short ad and get rewards! This feature will be rolling out to players in the coming weeks. 
  • Hit the PLAY button to see the new matchmaking screen with Player Spotlights, game tips, and more! 
  • Improvements to Defensive unit behaviors when providing Coverage against Passing plays

Bug Fixes:


  • Fixed an issue where Matches would get stuck with players on the field appearing to run indefinitely 

Known Issues: 


  • “Pass Yards” Achievement will have the Collect Reward highlighted even though the Achievement is not complete 


  • When comparing Cards, Cards in your Collection may appear as uncollected. Restart the app to fix this issue. 
  • When comparing Cards, a Card that is not in your Collection may not have their Level visible


  • Division messages will not trigger for players who are in the Beginner and Rookie I Divisions and have not been demoted 


  • Missing button to purchase multiple Cards in the Shop. You may still tap the Buy 1 Card button multiple times to buy the max amount.


  • When loading a Match, the game may become stuck at 98%. Make sure your internet connection is stable and restart the app to find a new Match.
  • Low on Gems message will not appear when attempting to buy a Chests, Cards or Upgrade a Card with an insufficient amount of currency 
  • Android Devices with Notches Only: Top of the game may get cut off by the device’s notch
  • Various display issues