0.12 Release Notes

Get ready for some football! Check out the latest updates and additions to NFL Clash! For Android players in the US and Canada, this release is not out for you to update just yet. Stay tuned for when it is ready for Early Access players! Features: Team Uniforms: Players on the field will now wear official team uniforms based on your favorite team selection! To change your favorite team, go to your Profile on the Home Screen and tap on the Icon next to the text “Favorite Team.” You’ll know … Read More

Possession Scramble Details!

Hi!  We are running a new type of event this week! The Possession Scramble event begins Friday, 2/12 and ends Thursday, 2/18. Possession Scramble events will give you double energy, similar to the Energized events, but you will only have one chance to score per possession. After one Down, the ball will be turned over on Downs to your opponent. Don’t forget to use field goals! These are a good way to score, if you are within field goal range.  Also, the kickoff will not count as your one chance … Read More