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0.11 Release Notes

Get ready for some football!

Check out the latest updates and additions to NFL Clash!



  • You’ll now get notifications in your Inbox, next to your username on the Home Screen, when you have messages to collect rewards and news from the NFL Clash team!


  • Updated the design style of NFL Clash!

  • Updated on-field route graphics for players

  • Improved tackling for Defensive players, so you are more likely to tackle an Offensive player if you use the Defensive counter. For instance, a Run Stopper will be more likely to tackle a Running Back.

  • When 2 Defensive players are on an Offensive player, there is a high chance that they will tackle the ball carrier

  • Man-to-Man and Ball Hawk Cornerbacks who are placed in the back of the field during a play, will be moved closer to the Line of Scrimmage on the following play

  • Man-to-Man and Ball Hawk Cornerbacks now backpedal until an Offensive player is near them, then convert to Man-to-Man or Ball Hawk coverage

Bug Fixes:

Daily Challenges:

  • Fixed an issue with the “Card Collector” Daily Challenge not counting progress towards task completion


  • Various display issues have been fixed in Divisions


  • Fixed an issue with the Fumble Fumble banner not appearing

  • Fixed an issue with during a Training Match the loading bar getting stuck at 98% and dropping you into the game after Kickoff

  • Fixed an issue where during the tutorial you were able to drop multiple Cards on the field

  • Fixed an issue with the incorrect number of Trophies being displayed on Stadium progression

Known Issues:


  • First Inbox reward will appear in your Inbox before the reward message. If you have already claimed your reward, please ignore the reward pop up message.


  • Division messages will not trigger for players who are in the Beginner and Rookie I Divisions and have not been demoted


  • Low on Gems message will not appear when attempting to buy a Chests, Cards or Upgrade a Card with an insufficient amount of currency

  • Android Devices with Notches Only: Top of the game may get cut off by the device’s notch

  • Improvements to stability and memory issues